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Stay safe out there.


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There are several storms world wide. In many places there is no where to go. Most houses will have no roof at the end.
I have a University friend who is lucky that he has a two story house. When the typhoon comes he takes every thing up stairs. All his friends come to his house because 1/2 is above the water. One problem is the snakes also like his house and come in to stay dry. They stay awake all night and throw the snakes out.

I find it strange that some of you have 100 miles/hour winds and 100% humidity while I have 0 wind and 8% humidity.


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Hurricane Michael did a job on the Florida Gulf Coast areas. Looking at before and after satellite images it seems brick and mortar survived pretty well and basic wood frame is literally gone. Wife's cousin's house id fine, her daughter down the road lost their whole house.


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