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SQS AEG 5q5 52-2 (combined rotary switch/indicator)


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This thing is mounted in a facility, probably built in the 70's (drawings are from late 70's).

Thing is - the first atachment, as I read it - seems to make use of uneccesary poles of the switch - the 21-23 seems to have no rational function (never will be a closed current path between terminal 5-21).
Unless there is some delay function - maybe spring loaded - between different set of poles.

I'd be crazy happy if ther exist some sort of datasheet that can explain this :)

Thanks in advance.



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Ok, so I've found that this switch/indicator have 4 possible positions:
  • Default (look just like the square one in the photo)
  • Turned 90 degrees.
  • Turned a little bit more (120 degrees maybe)
  • Pulled out (can only be done from 12 degree angle).
That is - if I've understood it correctly (I was told by one that have being worked on similar kind of installations back in the days, but he says he can't remember it all excactly)

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