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Speed Motion Detector

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I need to do a pilot project to check the speed of a moving car under a lampost. Is their any circuit which I can use to mount on a lampost and let a buzzer ring when a vehicle in its specific lane exceeds the speed of 45kph


Hardly a pilot project I'd have thought....You need to project a beam ( radar ) and receive it back and compute the time then compare it to a preset value.......

As it happens, there is a radar speed measuring unit just up the road from me....Shall I get it for you? :) (Joking...)


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If you don't want to design the radar gun you could buy a kit like this: SG7 - Speedy Radar Kit - Ramsey Electronics
It has an doppler audio output that you might use to interpret as speed and trip an over-limit alarm.

There are also other kits out there.

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