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sound activated bass cabinet

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Im building my own bass cabinet and have enlisted my friend who does car audio to help with the audio side and thats all fine.

however i want to put sound activated LED's at the bottom to shine up on to the 4 10" speakers.

the problem lies in the fact that neither of us know what type of LED's to use or if we need some circuit for it.

i know that to make them sound activated the easiest way is to run them off of the possitive speaker terminal.

the bass amp head is a Peavey tour 450
Peavey Tour 450 (Peavey Bass Amps) £289.00 - JB's Music Store

it operates at 450w at 4ohms ans 300w at 4 ohms, and i plan on running it at 4ohms

and the 4 speakers i have are these:

they have 4ohm impeadance and are 70w RMS but have a max 100w

basically what LED's do i need to use and do i need to have a circuit in place?

the LED's need to by quite bright as it will be on a stage and in a corner so i want it to stand out.

thanks :)


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Color Organ...... Google it!
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