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sony AVR270

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Problem with Sony STR-AV270x

hi all,
I`m a new member from Serbia/Belgrade
I got a problem with my Sony STR-AV270x ,model is from1991-`92.
The main `CPU`on display board is died, part no.is upd75206gf.
can you help me to find somewhere on internet to bay this part.
I`m also interesting to bay secondhand board with all items on it.
part no. is: A-4341-720-A (display board)

tnx..in advance

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Check eBay to see if a non-working parts unit is up for auction or perhaps a working one for cheap. You may then be able to replace the entire board rather than the individual part. If you try to replace that IC chip without the proper tools and technique, you'll surely destroy the replacement chip and possibly the circuit board in the process!


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you need to check with sony. something that they have done with a lot of their receivers has been that they change chip suppliers midstream in a production run. this means that they change the firmware of both the display board AND main board or DSP board. what this means when it comes to repairing them, is that the display board is no longer available by itself, but must be ordered paired with the main board or cpu board. i've seen this pattern with several of their receivers.

what makes you think it's the display board?
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