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some one help me please

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ok here is the thing...most people here seem to have a pretty good knowledge of electronics...could someone recommend me to a book/site that will teach me electronics very well, that i can understand, and won't put me to sleep...all i really know is like the barebones like what a resistors does and stuff like that...please help


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well, "Basic Electronics by Grob is a nice place to start with. then "The Art of Electronics" and "Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics" are also nice books. websites usually dont offer the amount of knowledge u find in books. but then again, time is changing and the internet is being filled with alot of good knowledge. just do a couple of searches and by luck u might find something good.


As said above by samcheetah "Basic Electronics" by grob is an excellent book to start with. It has lots of diagrams and colourful explanations on the basic building blocks. Then once you have sank your teeth into that "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill is an excellent book (in my opinion one fo the best there is on the subject). If you still crave more input then there are others available. I found Amazon to be a good source of books that are available with plenty of reviews from professionals that use them.

If this is just a hobby then books are a good way to start. If you are planning to go into this as a futre career get yourself onto an electronics course. Doesnt have to be advanced, just enough to give you a thurst and to see if you really like it. There is no substitute for hands on experience. Books cant teach you everything, after all electronics is a practical subject.

Hope it helps you get started

If you have a Radio Shack store in your area get the book by Forrest Mims titled, "Getting Started in Electronics". A fun book, well written and accurate, but in a cartoon-style that makes it easy to understand. It may be available through www.radioshack.com also. Good luck.


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Your link to: Lessons In Electric Circuits is a very good choice; it’s 6 volume series by Tony R. Kuphaldt. I have checked parts of the work and I can recommend it.

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If you use limewire (i know its illegal) and type in electronics books, you can get a wealth of actual books.


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I'd recommend "Practical Interfacing in the Laboratory" By Steven E. Derenzo

This book was used in one of my classes in school and does a good job of presenting a bunch of useful and practical techniques. Its geared towards Data Aquisition and control with a PC but most of the stuff is the same or really close if you use a microcontroller. It covers all sorts of useful topics like switch debouncing, Analog filters, aliasing, handshaking, digital filters, Signal amplification, etc. in a very understandable non-mathy way. It also has lab excercizes (Interfacing an A to D and DtoA, TE Cooler control, EKG and some other cool ones) that list all the parts you need to do them. You will need some basic knowledge of electronics (resistors capacitors logic gates) and being good with algebra will help you follow some of the analysis of analog filters but other than that it is a very accessable book.
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