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Solarbotics Sumovore

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Hi guys, my name is Fendy. I've just started my degree in electrical and electronics. I'm still new in this forum, so forgive me if there is anything wrong in the way I post my thread, Thanks. :)

I'm trying to do this Solarbotics Sumovore for my project.

For the details, this is the file


From that details, you would able to see Discrete brainboard components which I'd like to change it into BS2/SS2. This is the details


Now the thing is, I can't find out the program for those IC. May you guys help me about the programming part or have you guys seen it somewhere and share it with me ?

Thanks in advance. ;)


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It's designed for a BASIC Stamp, you can buy them from Parallax. It has a build in BASIC interpreter and software for your PC.
Thanks for the advice, blueroomelectronics. It helps me to understanding more about this BS2/SS2. :)

The thing is that they are selling it in complete circuits which I can't use it. I mean my supervisor will not accept if I buy something which has completed from the beginning. I need to do it everything by hands (soldering and other stuff).

blueroomelectronics, what you think about the details that I gave ? I mean, which one should I use is better, discrete board one or BS2/SS2 ?

Eventually I'd still stuck on pragramming parts.

Any suggestion ? :D



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I'd use Swordfish BASIC a good PIC programmer (PK2, Junebug) and an 18F PIC. My Mongoose robot kit uses those and an H-Bridge IC.

The BS2 is very old.
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