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Solar Energy Uses

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Solar power is one of the most reliable sources of energy for the world. As long as there is sun, there will be this source of energy. The sun’s energy is so huge that the amount of energy absorbed by the landmasses and water bodies in one hour is equivalent to world energy needs of a whole year.

Solar energy has been in use in a number of ways, from long back. There are solar heaters that help in heating the water using the sun. There are solar electric signals that work using the sun’s energy. Besides these, there are also solar powered calculators and portable phones that run on sun’s energy.

The heat energy of the sun can also be converted into electricity. This is the most important feature of the sun’s energy. Moreover, the energy can be converted into electricity at the same place where it is to be utilized. These are reasons enough for explaining the growth in Solar Power Investments in recent years. This is done in two ways: solar power plants or photovoltaic (PV) devices, commonly known as solar cells. In solar power plant, the solar radiations are deflected using mirrors into a small space, say a pipe filled with a fluid. The rise in temperature of the fluid can be then used to boil water and produce steam for conventional generator.

In PV cells, electricity is formed when the sunlight falling on the silicon sheet make the protons push the neutrons off the silicon sheet thereby, creating electric current.
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