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Software compatible with Voltcraft DSO-2020 USB oscilloscope

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I recently purchased a Voltcraft DSO-2020 USB oscilloscope to help me with my electronics endeavors.
It works okay for its price, but the software that comes with it is fairly limited.

Is there any oscilloscope software out there (on Windows!) that is compatible with the Voltcraft DSO-2020 so I don't have to bother with the original software?

It's supposed to be compatible with LabView and I looked at that, but it seems very much overkill for this specific task, nevertheless the learning curve involved in just setting it up as an oscilloscope...

Tony Stewart

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Use the scope software and don't use a laptop charger unless earthed to ground at laptop e.g. via an external LCD .

Learn to set trigger levels precisely, AC or DC and avoid long leads to probe for lowest ringing at 20MHz or so.

Learn how to do high speed balanced probe sum V chA&chB- differential readings.

Looks like a decent software for the price. What issues do have? You want RMS, FFT functions? ask Voltkraft.. erhmm. Voltcraft

maybe software for
has some compatability with / ratio FFT functions
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