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Small Project Advice


New Member
Hi all,
I’m after some advice on what I think/hope is a relatively small project in making a soppy/romantic present for my Girlfriend.
So will save the overall details to avoid mocking/pointing and laughing, but as much as I am capable enough I don’t have the experience on the numerous so would really appreciate some pointers to avoid going down the wrong path before I properly begin.

Essentially I would like to run some led lighting (8 individual led lights) and audio in a box slightly smaller than a shoe box taking up as little space as possible;

Play sound and sequence of led lights when turned on -> then loop on a default sound and led sequence -> 2 buttons on box, press either one would play another audio file (30 seconds long or more) and different led sequence before returning to the default audio and lighting -> play sound and led sequence when turned off

So hopefully not too complicated but any advice on best components to use/potential pit falls and explained to a borderline moron really would be appreciated.

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