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Slightly off topic: Releasing pins from connector


Update: Never mind, I did it. Tailor's pin from the front into the hole you see to the right of the pin in the foreground below. (just in case anyione else should ever come looking.)

Silly question, but if someone knows it could save me a few hours fiddling.

I would like to release the pins from these connectors:
If anyone has ever succeeded and remembers how they did it?

Trying poking from both ends with a paper clip but no joy so far.
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Most of the time, connectors release from the front. DB-25's are an exception. There is noway you can do anything from the pin side.

You have a slotted tube, where the slot is where the wire enters. The tool is somewhat limited lifetime.

Then there is the flat tool which looks like what this uses.

My favorite is the AMP CPC connector. You insert a tool that surrounds the pin and push a plunger. Effortless.

It's like the Molex PC power supply connectors, but more effortless,

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