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Fixed Site slow on dialup


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I am on Dial-up internet and this site is now REALLY SLOW Loading.

I am Almost ready to give up coming here.

Also on the Previous site, the Posting showed which ones contained Attachments.
Why don't you show this now.


Hi chemelec

Just trying to figure this one out and have installed a few server related things to speed the site up. However I'm thinking your issue could be client side stuff like javascript.

Can you let me know your browser type (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and version number?



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I recall using the "text only" option when still on dial up link. Hope that could help as a temporary solution.

BTW, is it available? Didn't check in years.


atferrari, is correct. Using the Text only editor will save on bandwidth.

To set this unset 'Use the rich text editor to create and edit messages' within your Preferences.

I've also noticed I hadn't had thread caching turned on in the database as well as the caching set properly so I've fixed these to try and improve performance but at this moment the site seems to be running pretty fast.

Let me know if there is any change or you still feel the site is slow. I'll mark this as fixed until someone comments.


Hi Guys,

I've just made an improvement by adding a caching service. What this does is store files such as images, javascript and css in different areas of the world. When you connect to the site, you fetch each page and it's resources from a more local location making the site faster.

Let me know if this helps.
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