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single input/multi output speaker switchbox

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i'm new to this forum, so hi to you all.

I'm looking to build a speaker switchbox for the local pub. I have a backbox behind the stage area, wired directly through to an amplifier behind the bar.
Post-amp, i now need to build a 3-way output for zonal speakers, where each of the 3 zones has it's own volume and mute control.

Not being very up on electronics before this (i've only just figured how to replace my car stereo), i thought that i would ask for some help. I would like to do this myself, and i know i can do it - just that i'm not sure on the maths part of it, ie. what resistors and whatnot i will need to build into the circuit for it to work properly.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Not open for further replies.

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