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single-ended antenna.

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Is single-ended antenna a type of monopole antenna?

In datasheet of my MCU (CC2430), they give here the length of monopole atenna, and i'd like to know if it applies also to single-ended antenna.

The single-ended monopole and helical would require a balun network between the differential output and the antenna.
Monopole antennas are resonant antennas with a length corresponding to one quarter of the electrical wavelength (λ/4).
They are very easy to design and can be implemented simply as a “piece of wire” or even integrated into the PCB.
The length of the λ/4-monopole antenna is given by:
L = 7125 / f ,
where f is in MHz, giving the length in cm.

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A quarter wavelength monopole antenna without a quarter-wave ground plane (counterpoise) is not an antenna at all; its is about as effective as a wet noodle.

However you build it, to be effective, an antenna must approximate a half-wavelength at the frequency of interest. These come in two types: center-fed, and end-fed. Each has its quirks and advantages.

What are you trying to do?
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