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Sine Waveform generator

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I need recommendations on the following:

I am trying to build a function generator that generates sine wave. Some one told me I can use a vibrator or timer IC to implement it. I have no idea on what to use. I need it to give frequency in the range of 20KHz to 500KHz. Also I need to be able construct it fast.


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Maxim has a function generator IC. Check their web site. They send out free samples.

You could also try Direct digital synthesis with a microcontroller. In this method you read sin values from a table and output them with a D to A. To get 500kHz you will need an output of at least 1MHz. This method won't be great for the higher frequencies and will require some intense assembly programming to get the data rates even with a fast clock.

Hope this helps.


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DDS on a chip

A 'quick' way of doing this would be dds, as bmcculla stated but if you are not on a tight buget there is a chip that does almost all the work for you ...

Look up the Analog AD9850 DDS IC.
There are quite a few sites with good info on this device.
The best price I've seen so far is about £20 (UK) for this chip.

It takes a clock of upto 125MHz and can give a sine out of upto 60MHz !?!
A microcontroller can send it a multi-byte divide code and the DDS does all the rest for you.
if you can stand the maths ...
try copying their idea and string some 4-bit or 8-bit programmable down-counter ICs together to produce a numerically controlled oscillator, the last four or so bits could give the address to a look-up ROM for D-A data.

The commercial function generators just implement a variable frequency osc directly to generate a few waveforms though. This would be cheaper I guess if you can find a circuit.
Something like the MAX038 (sine/square/tri out) could be a starting point (but these are around £15 each !)
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