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Simple lamp dimming protocol?...or converting DALI commands to simple 0-10V dimming signal?

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We make dimmable lamps. However, we can’t write DALI software, and rely on external software engineers to do this for us. We realise that just about everything is DALI in lighting, ..if we don’t do DALI, then we can’t sell anything.

Do you know of a simple lamp dimming protocol which is much simpler than DALI to implement in software? (then we could write the lamp dimming code ourselves) For example, it could receive say DALI commands from a ‘master’ via a radio link, and then give out a simple 0-10V signal to request the dimming. We would then be capable of writing software to dim the lamp in accordance with the 0-10V signal. We could write this code ourselves. We are software numpties but we could muster up the small bit of code skill needed for this.

At the moment , we rely on an external engineer to write our DALI software for us, because we ourselves cannot manage the DALI software. However, this software engineer is undoubtedly sabotaging our software. :woot:

Multiple times, on multiple products, he declares huge numbers of non connected micro pins as inputs…and doesn’t enable internal pullups. He does multiple other similar things.

We found this out after 4 months of a certain product either not working or working intermittently. The software engineer, for 4 months, repeatedly blamed our hardware, saying it was noisy and causing the micro to fail… (this was nonsense because the hardware worked fine with our own simple software) …in 4 months he never once mentioned his declaration of multiple unconnected pins as inputs……it took us, after 4 months of pulling our hair out , to go trawling through his code and realise that he had done this to us. :banghead:

Then on a few other products, he did the same again. Recently he declared 30 unconnected pins as inputs. He has given explanations for our products not working which we have proved to be incorrect…and proved it was his software that was at fault.

He is the only software engineer we can afford. :wideyed:

If we don’t find a simple way to implement DALI, or a different, simpler comms protocol for the dimming commands, then we will go bankrupt. Do you know of anything?

Our software engineer is the grim reaper waiting to destroy us….goodness only knows what bugs and Trojans he has put in our software which will make the lamps fail in x years time. Please help. SOS.

If we could buy an off-the-shelf unit which received DALI dimming commands, and then chucked out a nice 0-10V signal for us..something like that?


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Thanks, i cant see why they use TCLT1000 opto instead of TCLT1009 (far more CTR) in the schem on page 11.
Anyway, the software libraries you need to write DALI software are enormous..............DALI software is literally miles and miles long.
We wouldnt be able to do it ourselves.
It woudl add to the list of nervous breakdowns that we are due to engage with.

DALI was written by a company, Tridonic, ..has it ever occurred to anyone that they may have done it in a manner which made other companies struggle with it....because the other companies are their competitors. I mean does Airbus write the wing design protocol for Boeing? What would it be like if they did?
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