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Simple Audio output help

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Hi everyone. I am trying to test my audio jack. It's a 3.5mm TRS audio jack. There are five pins on the audio jack: 1) Ring shield, Ring, Tip shield, Tip, and Ground. I tried using a sine wave (500Hz) generated by a function generator and send it to the tip; then I connected the rest of the 4 pins to ground.
However, I did not get any output from the headphones. I tried leaving the 2 shield pins floating, and just connect the signal to the TIP, and put Ring to ground, it didn't work either.

Is it possible to get an audible signal out of a sine wave generated by a wave generator? I thought headphones are similar to a stereo that the headphones should convert the electrical signal to audio format.

Would it be possible that I might need an amplifier for the output?
My function generator doesn't let me set the power or current of the wave...only let me set the voltage.



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Answered in the "CHAT" forum.
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