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Signal processing!!

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I am an engineering student ,at present doing my 4th semester(2nd year) in eee(electrical and electronics engineering).I have to take a study oriented project(SOP) for my 5th semester.Can anyone suggest me with some good electronics projects (research oriented as it is a sop) which i can undertake as my sop.
The eee courses which i have studied so far are:
1) electrical sciences1-subject dealing with circuit analysis ,diodes,transistors(including mosfets)..
2)electrical sciences2-dealing with basic electricals..transformers,dc,synchronous machines etc..
3)microprocessor programming and interfacing- indepth study of 8085 microprocessor..
4)circuit and signals-signal in discrete and analog form,discretisation using sampling,fourier and laplace transform,various type of filters....

i am particularly interested in signal processing ...
i have tried googling but am not able to find a project appropriate for my level...


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Make an adjustable audio tone control (bass and treble) using a signal processor DSP chip.
as i told before, i need a project which is research oriented..i doesnt have to submit a working model but a theoritical report ..for that i need to find some field where signal processing can be useful ...please suggest me on that area...


If you can't think of a field that can take advantage of DSP on your own that is seriously sad. I don't mean to offend but there is almost no field that CAN'T take advantage of a DSP's abilities in some fashion.


Often the best projects are ones that can help you in some way. If they can help you, then in most cases, it may help someone else as well.
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