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Should the surface of the 100 Watt LED touch fully the heatsink?


New Member
Hi there. I recently bought a 100 watt LED and a heatsink which has a fan. But the LED is not %100 touching the surface of the heatsink. Here is the size comparison:

Does the LED overheat? Should I buy another heatsink that touches fully the surface of the LED?

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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Try it and see, as it is there will obviously be air flowing across part of the LED as well as conduction to the heatsink.

Don't forget to put heatsink compound on the joint.


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Feels borderline, but pretty much impossible to tell without trying it out.

dr pepper

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Considering its a 100w led and will make a lots of heat, plus theres no way to screw the led to the 'sink I'd make an adaptor, some 6mm or so ally plate, one countersunk screw holding it to the 'sink, and 4 screws for the Led, this should spread the heat out into the sink, might work.

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