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SFP breakout to another SFP

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Hey all I am just wondering before I do this if its possible to connect 2 SFP sockets to each other in order to bring in the fiber connection and then take it back out the same way?

So in the image above, Pin 1 would hook up to Pin 1 on the second SFP socket. Pin 2 would hook up to Pin 2 on the second SFP socket, etc etc...

I'm doing this so that I can bring in the SFP connection into a server case and then once inside the server case I need to hook it up to a motherboard inside there that has the SFP connection.


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Wow, talk about doing it the hard way. For sure you cannot connect same pins together and expect it to work. If this were at least a little bit possible, then you would have to connect RX to TX and vice versa and connect a power supply, and skip all the status pins. However I am not sure if the sfp module needs some special form of control or is just a dumb receiver and transmitter.

Moreover, isn´t this why an optical patch panel is usually used, instead of a bunch of botched sfp modules?
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