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serial signal into parallel

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i want to program a PIC chip (PIC16F877) that takes a serial signal, converts it to parallel and output it via an eight bit ports. is there anyone who can help me? any advise would be appreciate, thanks.


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sorry about the confusion.......

ok, here's my idea. I want to design a microprocessor that analyse an 8-bit serial signal coming out from a PDA (via an RS232 port). This microprocessor (PIC16F877), according to that input signal, will then drive an external circuit by its output port.

I am an undergrad. student and this is my first time programming a PIC. I assume that the signal coming out from the PDA should be somewhat standard digital signal. This signal will be passed to the PIC through an RS232. In the output side I also attached my hardware to Port D of that PIC. So for example, if the input serial signal (from the PDA) is 10010000, bit0 & bit3 of Port D will be set 'high'....etc

let me restate my question in this way, what registers or ports should i set in my PIC program? what kind of spec that I should look for? And thank you so much for your help.



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Only a detail. Remember there are ICs which do the serial-parallel conversion themselves:

Maybe this solves your problem. These ICs are very used even working with PICs to save pins of the microcontroller for other jobs. For example, if you want to control an LCD trough a PIC you should waste about 10 pins of it. Using the 74ls164 you only need 3.

Hope I've helped!


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serial port interfacing

I don't know abt the pic Ucontroller u r using but i have used 89c51 atmel
Ucontroller which has an inbuilt serial port in it. i am sure urs must also
have one.Look at the pin diagram and look for RxD and TxD labels.
This basically implies recieve data and transmit data.Basically u have to learn abt serial port interfacing.i don't know wht PDA stands for ,
but this is wht i did for communicating bet the computer and 89c51
* Usage of Max 232
* serial port prog: set up in turboc and 89c51 (ssembly)
max232 is required to step up and step down voltages
as in serial port RS 232 interface 0-12V and 1--12Volts.Where as ur
Uc uses a 5 volts power supply.If this is not the case ie suppose ur Uc
uses ahigher voltage compatible with serial port voltages.
Its more abt programming in PDA and the Uc than hardware.
hope this was useful
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