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Sensors for Free community website - pls help!

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Hi., im opening a free local community website for the local community to notify of storms and general weather conditions.
Im hoping this will come useful when bad weather comes and prevents the deaths and damage like other times.
I am doing this off my own back with no funding and already spent $2500 on a lightning tracker and $1000 on a weather station along with hosting, domain name etc..

Anyway i want to add a couple of extra sensors to it.
Uv / Solar radiation
Ground temp
Air quality sensor. (we have bad bush fires all the time and wanted to add so people with respiratory problems can check on smokey days)

I would like all these to be plug into the pc via usb so i can setup scripts to upload to my server and show on graph.

I dont mind building with help and advise if anyone would be good enough to help me.
Im sure i have an andrino unit i purchased a bit ago somewhere and never used.

Thanks in advance


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You might look into some of Forrest Mims' circuits, such as what can be found in this book. His approach is very straight-forward and he tends to focus on simplicity, so that may be a good reference to have at your side at least.
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