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Sensor input to light ouput

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Hi everyone,

I'm a student trying to create a lighting system which varies light intensity with distance. A ultrasonic sensor takes readings of distance and ouptus a voltage at between 0.1 (at a distance of 10cm) and 1.4 volts (at a distance of 100cm). I'm looking to alter this so the closer the user is the higher voltage.

I woulyud like to take the 1.4 volts and produce a voltage of about 5 volts and the 0.1 volts should produce about 12 volts. How on earth do I do this?

The lecturer helping me has vanished and I'm in deperate need of assistance can anyone direct me to where I can get this or help find a curciut to do it?



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Are you able to work with operational amplifiers.?
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