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Sending data via webserver running on WeMos D1 mini

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Malcolm Crabbe

New Member
Hi Guys, first post so hopefully you guys will be gentile with me :)

I have a program that is written in PicBASIC Pro and uses a simple routine to communicate with an application that runs on a PC over a serial port. It's a simple process in that the PC application sends a "Q" over the serial port which is then detected by the PIC and then sends a string of numeric values to the PC application. The PC application then breaks the string and populates text boxes starting top left (eg 234238.... get broken up as 24.3 and 23.8 by the application)

The user can then change these values and then click on an update button which sends an "S" which tells the PIC to jump to the receive subroutine and then receive the complete re-built string, which is then broken up to populate the variables. It might be clunky, but it works and for me, it's easy to understand.

The drawback is that it means along cable has to be plugged in for any project that has this option, so I looked at alternatives, and purchased a WeMos mini (clone). Now I have no understanding of Arduino programming, but found the option to load up examples and have the thing running a webserver within minutes of downloading the library files exciting. But that's where my expertise fell apart and despite days of googling I can't find anything about using the device to communicate through the RX/TX pins with another micro, plus whilst I can design webpages in many web design applications, the code isn't liked by the Arduino IDE, so needs a lot of debugging to get the HTML code correct. But then I'm not that good at HTML either (that's why I use a WYSIWYG editor).

I assume that it matters not what the WeMOS interfaces to, it should be able to send data via it's TX / RX pins ? If so can someone provide me with some assistance with the code for the WeMos and a simple web page that can send a Q and then display the string in a text box, allow me to modify that string and click on a button to upload it back to the PIC ? I should then be able to understand how edit the HTML and code and see if I can replicate the parsing of the string.

Many thanks

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