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Selling my lab... Thousands of parts most are new

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Hey gang!

I am moving and have toooo much parts. I don't know what to do with all of them and most are new.

I set up an ebay auction, but if someone here wants to make me an offer I would rather sell here.

Please take a look and ask any questions... its hard to tell in the pictures but there are LOTS of parts... as most are in bins

-Thousands of SMT's mostly 0805 ...capacitors, inductors, resistors,
-Dozens of DIP and SMT ic's including processors
-Large capacitors 10,000uF
-Tons of LED's
-Dev board LPC 1768 and numerous LCD's and capactive touch LCD's
-$500 APEX PA04 20 amp opamp brand new with heat-sink
-Bunch of heatsinks
-RF sma connectors
-Keypad and various other new switches and connectors
-Probably a thousand through-hole resistors packs
-PCB cleaning brushes
-SMT to DIP addapters
-Transistors and diodes

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Henry T

You in Calgary?
I'm on Vancouver Island, an idea what shipping might be?


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That was quick, well done!
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