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Security Check


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I am getting this warning message from FireFox regarding the ETO site, would admin please clarify the situation.?

This PC has all the usual Firewall and Malware protection.

The other Forum sites I use are not showing the warning message.

As advised by FireFox I prefixed the URL with https:// in order to confirm the problem.


When I type the https:// prefix to the EDA URL I get a 'Cannot Access' message.
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Is it even from Mozilla? The reason I ask is a few months ago Ebay sometimes would give me a similar notice. Wanting me to click on a link in the notice. I'm not much on computers so I asked one of my sons about the notice. He said it 'could' be some kind of malware and to ignore it. Said if you click on it it takes you to an unknown site that attaches a file and lets them in. So, I never go to anything not from the Mozilla site.


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hi sb,
Thanks for the feedback.
I have checked all my bookmarked sites which I visit, only ETO and EDA come back as not being secure,
As you may know EDA is the parent company of ETO.

In these images you can see a 'padlock' image next ti the 'i-nformation' token, on sites which are protected.

This all started when I tried to change my password for ETO, I was warned by FF that my password could be read by others.




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I get the line through padlock in Firefox but no warning and I don't get the padlock in Chrome. However, clicking on the little information button in the chrome address bar tells me it isn't secure.



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Morning Mike,
On the ETO website, if you prefix the ETO URL address, with https:// do you get any warning messages.?


Ian Rogers

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The https:/ cant be used for normal sites... If ETO hasn't a security certificate, they cannot be prefixed with the "s" option.

I think you have your internet security settings too high!

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