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Schematic to add variable voltage to a sensor output?

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I'm looking for a schematic to add voltage fluctuations to a circuit.

I have a pressure sensor that reads ~ 1.55vdc under atmospheric pressure and jumps up to 1.77vdc when a pump turns on and then spikes to 2.1vdc when a valve closes as the pump is turning off

I'd like to simulate this on a test bench.

Here is my starting/existing circuit, when the relay is triggered, it outputs 1 voltage, and when it is not triggered, it outputs a different voltage. Both voltages are set by the potentiometers. I would like when the NO pin of the relay is released from activation, that voltage spike up to 2.1vdc.

I have been using ½ watt potentiometers, but I had one burn out last night, and go to 0 resistance, so I'm assuming this is not enough wattage?

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