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Satellite Radio Antenna ???

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I'm installing a docking station for a Delphi RoadyXt (SA10177) XM Sat receiver in a RV.

The antenna seems to be an "active" antenna with 5V DC power up the coax. What comes back down the coax, amplified 2340MHz baseband or down-converted I.F.? i.e. what is the frequency of the R.F. signal running down the XM coax?

How critical is the length of the mini-coax that runs to the magnetic antenna? I could shorten it considerably, but in the process, I would prefer to cut it near the middle, route it through a small hole to the outside of the RV, and after removing the excess length, splice the cut ends inside the RV.
I'd rather do that then drilling a hole big enough to pass the connector.

I could also use a hermetic through-bulkhead coax feed-through (BNC-TNC-SMA?) and then install matching connectors on the cut ends of the XM antenna coax.

Also, does the XM antenna require a metallic ground-plane under it? If so, how big? The RV has a rubber membrane roof, but I could mount the XM antenna on a metal vent.
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