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?S9015 data or equivalent

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:?: Can anyone please help. I'm after either data or equivalents for the following transistor: S9015, TO92case. In my search I have only found info on the S9014. Many thanks, Trev


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9015 data or equivalent

:) hi there trevor, the 9015 is an PNP 0.625w Vceo 50v Ic 0.15A as a sub you can use the following:
1. 1602 PNP 0.4w 50v 150Mhz 0.15A (pls take not of the wattage)
2. BC557 PNP 0.625 45v 0.2A (pls take not of the voltage)

i could give you other subs, but am not sure where this 9015 is used.
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