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Running 3 VGA monitor?

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The Best Car Audio Speakers System Review 2018 In The World
Music is a great companion when traveling. With external disturbances, listening to music from low-quality speakers can be disturbing at times. The situation will worsen especially when your favorite music kicks in and you stretch your hands to crank up the volume and what you hear next is the sound of your speakers rattling. This normally happens if your car audio speakers are of poor quality.
To help you get your hand to the best car speakers, we prepared this post. We have dug deeper into the webs and from our experience to bring you our 10 best car speakers. We have considered so many factors in coming up with this list including budget, performance and other factors discussed at the end of the review.
Top Rated Best Car Speakers Reviews On The Market
#1- Editor’s Pick- Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker
This car audio speaker tops our review as the best car speakers because of some reasons. It is a full range speaker. This means that it is among the most preferred speakers and might be your number one choice. It is from a reputable manufacturer, Rockford Fosgate which has been in the automotive audio industry for a while and is known for the best products.
The speakers have a 3-way configuration, a configuration that covers most of the frequency bands meaning that it is great for sound quality. This configuration is backed up by a frequency response of 52Hz to 20 kHz. It averagely covers the midbass and the low upper bass. However, for the best bass production, you will need to couple it with a subwoofer. For an average audiophile, these speakers will still be the best.
Regarding power handling, it has a low power handling with an RMS value of 45 watts and the maximum value of 90 watts. You will not require a powerful amp to drive this. In fact, it can work better with your factory head unit. It has a sensitivity of 91dB meaning that it requires low power to produce enough sound. The low impedance of 4 ohms makes it to also work on the low power supply.
On the coaxial set up is a 0.5 inches tweeter that is supplied by a tweeter High Pass crossover of 6 dB. The midrange drivers are 6.5 inches in diameter meaning that you will hear most of the midrange frequencies. These midrange cones are made of vacuum polypropylene for durability.
What We Like
It is made of vacuum polypropylene cone.
The tweeters are supplied with a High Pass crossover of 6 dB which makes them crystal clear.
It has a high sensitivity of 91 dB.
Low power handling capacity.
It has a 3-way configuration which makes it the best on frequency response and quality.
What We Didn’t Like
Have low bass production due to high-low bass response.
#2- Runners-up Cars Speakers: Pioneer TS-A1676R 320W 6.5" 3-Way TSA Series Coaxial Car Speakers
Pioneer speakers are the best when it comes to sound delivery and performance. Ts-A1676R series has a 3-way configuration consisting of the woofer, the midrange drivers and a tweeter on a coaxial setup. This kind of set up offers good bass, mid and high-frequency quality. The cones are multilayer mica matrix cone structure that allows wider dispersion of bass.
The tweeters, on the other hand, are designed in such a way that they can respond to some midrange frequencies and high frequencies as well. This will bring optimized sound quality at high volumes without distortion. This capability alone will ensure you play most of your pop, dubstep and rock music with deep bass and clarity.
On power capacity, they excel. They have a maximum power handling capacity of 320 watts and 50 watts nominal value which is good for high power external amplifiers. The light and flexible diaphragm makes it have good sensitivity.
This means therefore that even at low power supply, it can still respond well. The voice coils are heat resistant boosting on durability and heat dissipation. In addition to the heat-resistant coils are the cooling baskets which generally contribute to average power handling.
What We Like
Have improved bass and dynamic range.
Has high power handling that supports high power external amplifiers.
The 3-way coaxial offers deeper bass and improved midrange and high frequencies that do not distort at high volumes.
The cones are made of the multilayered matrix which is light and elastic for high sensitivity.
The voice coils are heat resistant and have a cooling basket for heat dissipation for reduced power handling and durability.
What We Didn’t Like
They are not good for pillar installations as the tweeters will produce high sounds close to the ear.
#3- Best Car Speakers for the Budget: JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5" CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers
If you are looking for car speakers that will still sound well on a limited budget, try these JVC speakers. Even at a lower price, they are still amazing in sound delivery and sound coverage. They have a maximum power handling of 300 watts each and RMS power handling of 30 watts each. This means therefore that they can work with an averagely powerful amplifier and at the same time support a low powered amplifier.
The cones are mica made which makes them durable and flexible for maximum sound production. They are then reinforced with a hybrid cloth and rubber surround. These mica cones are built on a steel frame which brings better performance than the traditional OEM 6.5 inch speakers.
To cover the high frequencies, they feature a 1-inch balance dome tweeter that has a shallow mount design. This tweeter will handle the frequencies that go as high as 22 kHz. With a sensitivity of 92 dB, these speakers will definitely respond well to the low power supply.
The low frequencies that go as low as 35 Hz are covered by the midrange drivers that are made of mica cone with rubber and cloth surround. These properties will generally lead to a wider full range frequency response.
What We Like
It is engineered for easy installation.
The 2-way design provides a wider full range frequency response.
Has high sensitivity meaning that with low power supply, they can still perform well.
Pre-arranged holes lower the chances of modification when installing.
They are cheap and have good sound quality.
What We Didn’t Like
Have low bass response which is not perfect for a person intending to get a deeper bass.
#4- High Quality Cars Speaker with the Highest Price: JL Audio C2-650 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker System
Are you looking for advanced component speakers? These two-way component speakers are the best for you. They are however a little expensive. This means that you will need to dash a little of your cash. They are however worth it.
Starting with power handling, they are amazing in performance with 200 watts/each 100 watts maximum value and an RMS value of 120 watts/ each 60 watts. This means that they will work well with an averagely powerful amplifier.
On sound quality, they are still amazing. They have adjustable crossovers and cones that are made of polypropylene Butyl rubber surround materials. These ensure that the speakers respond well to the low and the midrange frequencies. The silk dome tweeters, on the other hand, are 3 position adjustable tweeters.
The speakers also have a sensitivity of 91 dB and an impedance of 4 Ohms which puts them in the same position as any other high-end component speaker. This sensitivity comes from the 1-inch voice coil that sits on a roll spider ferrite symmetrical magnet structure. On installation, they have a top mount depth of around 2-7/16 inches.
What We Like
Have a 3 position adjustable tweeter level.
Have high power RMS value of 120 watts/ 60 watts each which makes them compatible with high power external amplifiers.
Highly sensitive voice coils for clear and accurate sound.
Easy installation.
With adapters, they are great for door installation.
What We Didn’t Like
Tweeters seem a little not durable.
#5- Best 6’’ ×9’’ Car Speakers: Kicker DS693 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers (Pair)
Are you looking for the best 6’’ ×9’’ car speakers? These 3-way and full range speakers might be a good choice for you. They have great mid and high sound quality that results from their high tech cones and heavy-duty voice coils. They have a shallow mounting depth which makes them great for car doors.
The 3-way configuration presents a whole new level of sound delivery for a speaker type of this kind. The tweeters respond to the high frequencies while the woofer and the midrange drivers drive out the bass.
With only a power supply of about 70 watts RMS and 140 watts peak power, the speakers will respond well. This kind of rating shows that these speakers can be supported on the lowly rated amplifiers and still work well hence saving you a ton.
Regarding installation, besides the shallow depth, they come with mounting hardware, grilles and speaker wires included. In addition to functionality and installation, you will also be offered with a 2 year warranty which seems to be a fair deal.
What We Like
Have low impedance and high sensitivity.
Have relatively low power handling.
Shallow mounting depths and the mounting accessories offer quick and easy installation.
They are good with the bass.
Have crystal clear highs and the mid.
What We Didn’t Like
They seem to be unbalanced between the bass and the voice.
#6- The Best 6.5 Car Speakers- CT Sounds Meso 6.5 Inch 2 Way Silk Dome Full Range Coax Coaxial Speakers (Pair)
These full range 6.5 speakers have a peak power handling of about 120 watts and 60 watts RMS and both work at an impedance of 4 ohms. This means that they will work well with an averagely powerful amplifier without being driven past their capabilities. They have a 2-way configuration which comprises of the bass and midrange woofers and the tweeter.
The midrange driver cones are made of glass fiber and have NBR surround which makes them flexible and durable. A stable cone of this type means that you will have a clear and non-vibrating speaker at high volumes. The tweeters, on the other hand, are 25mm in diameter and silk made with a dome.
They are simply designed with installation holes around the speaker for quick and easy mounting. These affordable speakers will definitely be a perfect replacement for your old speakers and will not disappoint.
What We Like
They have good sound quality with clear bass and midrange.
Have good simple and good construction.
They have a huge magnet for a heavy bass drive.
The tweeters are well made and well protected using metal covers.
Come with +/- 3 crossover dial for the more clear sound setting.
The glass fiber woven cones are good looking and durable.
What We Didn’t Like
Not component speakers
The tweeters are not loud enough.
#7- Best Coaxial Speakers: Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series 6.5" 350-Watt 4-Way Speakers
It is rare to find 4-way coaxial speakers but thanks to Pioneer, they have made these absolutely nice coaxial speakers. These speakers have a woofer, midrange drivers, tweeter and super tweeter, all these in a coaxial setup. These will ensure that the frequency bands are well distributed among all these drivers for better performance.
These Pioneer speakers have a frequency response of between 32 Hz and 38 kHz. This means that the woofers will cover the frequencies of between 32 Hz which is always above the frequencies that a human ear can capture to about 200 Hz.
The midrange on the other will cover from 200 Hz to around 5 kHz. The high frequencies will be split between the tweeter and the super tweeter. The tweeter will respond to 22 kHz, and the super tweeter will take from these frequencies to 38 kHz.
Regarding power handling, these speakers also excel. They have a total peak power handling capacity of 350 watts which means each is 175 watts. They also have a total RMS power of 60 watts. These speakers are great for replacing your old truck speakers.
What We Like
Easy to install and fits well with OEM speaker installation points.
The 4-way configuration provides clear and wide frequency response.
The woofer is punchy and good for the bass.
They come with installation grills for a protective and stylish installation.
Can work with a powerful external amplifier without blowing.
What We Didn’t Like
The woofer cone seems to be poorly made. These speakers rattle after some time of use.
#8- Best component speakers: Infinity Primus 6 1/2" Component Speaker System
Infinity Primus speaker system comprises of the woofer, the tweeters and the crossover. They have a frequency response of about 80Hz to 22Hz. The woofers are 6.5 or 6.75 inches which makes them perfect size for good bass cones.
The woofers besides being perfectly sized are made of one plus polypropylene and have hi-roll rubber surround. The Starfish mounting brackets provide easy installation for the tweeters and are supplied through a crossover network. The crossover splits the sound signal into high, low and mid frequencies.
What you should note is that these speakers have a 2-way configuration which may become a little muddy because the low frequencies are all produced by one woofer. On the flip side, however, this brings an advantage of hearing all low and the midrange frequencies from one point. This makes the speakers punchy and sharp.
What We Like
Connected over a crossover network which brings good sound equalization.
They sound clean, punchy and crisp.
Have good mid and high-frequency response.
They are easy to install and most compatible with OEM systems.
Works well with 20w RMS head units.
What We Didn’t Like
Installing the tweeters is a little confusing.
#9- Best Door speakers- Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series 6.5" 480 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
Kicker 41DS654 D-Series speakers are one of the best door speakers. They are a drop-in coaxial speaker that will fit nearly any vehicle’s door. Another thing that makes them the best door speakers is that they have thin profile woofers that will not obstruct the door window closing mechanism. The tweeters, on the other hand, are 13 inches polyethylene-naphtha late domed tweeters with no protrusion.
These speakers also excel in sensitivity. This high sensitivity of these woofers is brought about by the motor structures which are made to provide increased volumes despite a drop in the power supply. The speakers have peak power ratings of 120 watts and 60 watts RMS which makes them good with external amplifiers.
On sound production, the midrange woofer’s cones are made of polypropylene which is stiff and reinforced with acoustic made foam surrounds that provide optimal performance. With this type of woofers, the speakers become more responsive and clear.
What We Like
Thin-profile makes them good for door installation.
Have a heavy-duty motor structure that is sensitive with great deliverance even with the drop in power.
The woofers are made of stiff polypropylene cones, and acoustic-foam surrounds that are durable and offer clear vibration.
The tweeters have zero protrusion.
What We Didn’t Like
They have a low bass response.
#10- Best Car Speakers for Bass and Sound Quality: Clarion SRG6953R 600-Watt 6 x 9 Inches 5-Way Good Series Speakers with PEI Tweeters
Clarion Mobile Electronics has made car speakers that are good in bass and sound quality. First is the configuration, it is a 5-way coaxial speaker! Surprising, isn’t it? This kind of multi-axial design brings the properties of component speakers and coaxial speakers together.
The five drivers are meant to split the sound spectrum into a more realistic zone where you can hear the lows, mids and the highs without any distortion or muddiness. With a coaxial speaker with this kind of configuration, the cones must be blended. That is why these speakers’ cones are molded using the injection method for superior response.
By making them this way, they are good for digital sources. The tweeters on the other are well constructed using a metalized diaphragm and balanced-Drive for superior response and reduced mass. This property improves the overall dynamic range.
These speakers also excel in frequency response. The wider response that goes as low as 25Hz makes them the best for bass. What makes them good for bass is that unlike any other speakers, they are made of strontium magnets which have a magnetic flux density that is higher than normal ferrite magnets. This means that bass can be produced using small voice coils.
What We Like
Made with strontium magnets which produce bass sounds with small voice coils.
Best speakers for sound quality and bass.
Have a 5-way configuration, unlike most coaxial speakers.
They can work with high power head units.
The tweeters are made of a metalized diaphragm which makes them good for response and reduced mass.
What We Didn’t Like
The 5th driver seems to perform the same function as the 4th tweeter which makes it irrelevant.
What To Consider When Buying Best Car Speakers
Car speakers are found in two types, coaxial and component speakers.
Coaxial speakers are speakers that have the sound drivers in one unit. Sound drivers include woofers, midrange drivers, and the tweeters. For coaxial speakers, these drivers are all integrated into one unit, and that is why they are sometimes called the full range speakers.
They are the most popular type of speakers in the world. Most of the factory speakers are coaxial speakers and therefore when replacing, they are considered by most people since they are cheap, compatible and simple to install.
They, however, have a limitation on sound quality. Since the sound drivers are all in one unit, they might sound congested. The sound of these speakers is also sharp and sometimes if placed close to the listener may lead to ear damage.
Component speakers are speakers with their drivers separated. They are sometimes called separates. The tweeter, woofer and the midrange are all separated from each other, but the sound feed is supplied through a crossover.
The crossover will determine the frequency band which goes to the individual drivers. Since the drivers are separated from each other, and they have a crossover, they are considered the best when it comes to quality.
If you are looking for high-quality speakers, this might be your option. These types of speakers have a good sound quality, but they are complex when installing and require advanced skills. They are also a little expensive in comparison to coaxial speakers.
Configuration is most of the time confused with the type of speakers. Speaker configuration refers to the number of drivers in a speaker. There are 2-way, 3-way, 4-way and 5-way speaker configuration available today.
The higher the number of drivers, the better the sound quality of the speaker. A 2-way speaker, for instance, will have a tweeter and a woofer. This means that the high frequencies will be played through the tweeter and the low and the midrange through the woofer.
A 3-way speaker will have a tweeter, a midrange driver, and the woofer. The difference comes in with the introduction of the midrange driver. This means therefore that the woofer will no longer handle the midrange. Instead, it will deal with the low frequencies which comprise of the bass. With this kind of separation, the speaker is made clearer and crisp.
A 4-way speaker, on the other hand, will have a tweeter, a super tweeter, a midrange, and woofer. The super tweeter is introduced to handle the high frequencies that a normal tweeter will distort it.
This means that new details are introduced that might not have been covered in a 3-way speaker. As a result, the speaker becomes detailed and clearer. You should, therefore, consider the configuration depending on what exactly you want to hear when playing your songs
Power Handling
Power handling is another factor that you should consider when choosing your best car speakers. Power handling consists of two values, the peak value and the Root Mean Square. The peak value is always not necessary when choosing a speaker since it is mostly exaggerated by the manufacturers.
The important value is the Root Mean Square (RMS), which shows the average power that the speaker will be using as it works. The higher the RMS, the better it will be if you are going to run your speakers on an external amplifier.
This basically means that the speakers can support power boost from the amplifier and will not blow up. If you are however going to use the factory head units, you can go for those with lower RMS values.
A speaker has some resistance to the electrical signal that needs to be converted to sound. The higher this resistance, the higher power the speaker requires. You should, therefore, ensure that the speaker you are going to buy should have low impedance. Standard speakers have an impedance of 4 ohms.
Sensitivity is how much sound a speaker produces with a unit of power. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the power required to be used to drive that speaker, a speaker with lower sensitivity means that it will require more power. Standard speakers have a sensitivity of between 88dB to 92dB.
Speaker Material
This is a factor that will determine the durability of the speaker. In making woofers, the material used should light and stiff. Most of the manufacturers prefer using polypropylene which is always blended with materials like mica.
These kinds of cones are characterized by stiffness and flexibility for good bass response. There are others that are made with a mixture of titanium and aluminum which are stiff, lightweight, durable and are more responsive.
In making tweeters, most of the manufacturers use soft materials like poly textile mixtures or silk. For more bright and sharp highs, it is good to go for tweeters that are made of metals, ceramics or graphite.
The surround material is vital. The surround is the part that allows the woofer to vibrate and deliver more bass freely. The surround material should be strong enough to withstand more temperature and humidity extremes. A rubber surround made of rubber is the best for good performance and longevity
Tweeter pivoting
If you are going to install your speaker in the doorway, you will likely need a speaker that pivots. A pivoting tweeter can be pointed towards the listener for more clarity and improved sound balance. This works best for coaxial speaker installers.
Finding the best stereo speakers begins with you. What is your choice of music? How frequently do you listen to music? Do you use the speakers for listening to podcasts or audio books or only music? You need to consider the reason why you need to upgrade your speakers as well. Finding the best starts with you finding the reasons why you need aftermarket speakers.
We hope that out of the 10 speakers, you have found the best. We would like to recommend our pick Rockford Fosgate coaxial speakers. We picked it as our number one since it is a full range speaker made by a reputable manufacturer and also comes at a good price
On sound production, it has a wider frequency response of 52 Hz to 22 k Hz. This means you will hear most of the upper bass and the mid-bass. It also has a 3-way configuration and inbuilt crossover meaning that the sound it produces will be clear and properly equalized.
Regarding power handling, it has an RMS value of 45 W which means you can still run it on your factory head unit without any problem.
These are the reasons why we are recommending this speaker, but the other nine are still good with sound quality and their unique specific features. You can still check on them as well. We hope that this post has helped you in finding the best car speakers for your vehicle.

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What is a GTX670? It is a video board.
The data said; "VGA" You will have to get a cable. Or a adapter. Check on the price first.

From this picture it looks like one of the ports can drive a VGA monitor. (not two, not three)
I would use 1 or 2 HDMI TV for a monitor.
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