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Hello I am interesting in learning rs485.
Can anyone give me some examples projects using PIC MICRO and any tech info.
Like connecting say 5 pic micros to a PC.

Any help will be appriciated.

Thank you.


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What you are going to need is a max485 converter with your PIC... the way it works is the same as the RS232, the difference being is that they use different voltages to communicate.... RS232 reference to ground, RS485 reference between the two lines....

So to be able to hook up to the PC more than 1 PIC then you are going to have to make the PC the master, while every PIC listens to the line, but only the PIC being address responds..... so unless the PC polls the PIC, the PIC don't generate any comunication.

You will find this article very informative Desiging RS485 circuits

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