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Rotating Cylinder Help Pls (Flow Profile)

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I posted a thread in the SW forum for an issue I am having with my simulation in solidworks floworks of a cylinder rotating in water. (see https://forum.solidworks.com/message/437327#437327 ). I got a few views but there are no replies, so I felt that there are some smart people on here who may know floworks.

Clearly, the velocity profile of the flow around a cylinder rotating in water would be close to v = r*w (r=radius of cyl, w=angular velocity) at the boundary layer. But the solidworks velocity profile poorly shows the profile on one cut plot, and the correct profile on the other, why??? This is driving me nuts. I kept thinking it was a mesh problem, but it can't be since one of the profiles is correct, thus the mesh applies to both cuts.

If anyone knows how to solve this issue pls let me know.
Diameter of cylinder = 13.43 in
Rotation speed = 150 rpm

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