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Robot: easy to use uC??

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We are doing line following/ball hunting robot and need some help choosing an easy to use microcontroller. In the past, we have used an Infineon CR167. It comes with a graphical user interface and generates the C code for memory addresses, etc, with the click of a button. Then you just fill in the code within each class or function.

This uC costs $200 about, and we are looking for something less expensive. We believe this uC is more powerful that we need as well.

ANY ideas are appreciated, as we have little experience in the uC market!

We'd prefer something that generates the classes and memory/port code, uses C programming, serial port, and serveral I/O's and PWMs. thats about it!

Thanks SO much!

Steve / Team


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I built a line following robot back in school too.

I would recommend Cygnal's line of 8051 microcontrollers. They have $100 development boards and free C development tools (code limited to 4K). They have a fairly good init code generator, not quite as good as Infineons but the hardware itself is much easier to use. The 8051 is an 8 bit processor instead of 16 with the CR167 but the Cygnal has a 1 clock instruction cycle and up to 50MHz clock so it might get better throughput anyway.
Over all the Cygnal development board is the easiest board I've ever used. The C8051F020 should be more than sufficient for your project.



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will you help me?

hi dear
I read your massage and I need to your plane about your line follower robot
because I want to make it
if you send it to me you will make me so happy
thank you
and bye
I am waiting for your help.


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why the hell should someone give his project to you? make one your own. If you plan to pay him then he MIGHT be ok with that. it is not pollite to say:" i need it so give it to me!"
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