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Roberts Ecologic 1 portable radio ?

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New Member
My sister has one of the above radios which suddenly will not come on
when the button is pressed.

I now see that there is one on sale on Ebay as spares/repair, which
appears to have the same problem.

Can anyone advise if this is a known issue and if so, can it be repaired?

Thank you, Pete.
Greetings Pete !

I believe it could be repaired with relative ease, typically power supply issues where no power is present are usually pretty straight forward as far as troubleshooting and repair are concerned. I downloaded and looked over the User Manual for this unit and noticed there is a 'LOCK' button on this unit which prevents the radio from being powered on unintentionally. I know it should be quite obvious but thought it worth mentioning in the event it may have been accidentally overlooked. See here for FREE User Manual download: http://www.aeldownloads.com/robertsradio/userguides/ECOLOGIC 1 ISSUE.1.pdf

Good luck ! If I may be of further assistance please feel free to ask, I'd be happy to attempt to help you further if required.
Best regards, Mark..


New Member
Hello Mr Cooper.
Many thanks for your reply and the link kindly provided.
Will check with my sister, to see if this lock function has been
accidentally activated.
Thank you again.


New Member
Hello again Mr Cooper.
Sister confirms that the lock function is not the problem here.
My own investigations have established that the ON/OFF button on this radio
is a known failure item, so this is where I will look next.
Many thanks again for your reply and assistance.
Regards, Pete.
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