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RGB Display

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hassan malik

New Member
i am a developer and i made a software for live scoring.
i have an smd rgb display to show my score card on it.
but i want to use this rgb display with vga port or hdmi
please help me how i can it????
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HDMI and RGB are very different. You might find a convertor but you will not build one.
VGA is much like RGB. In the VGA connector there is R-video, G-video and B-video that should directly connect to your RGB connector. BUT the timing might be wrong.

I need more information on you RGB display. (resolution? 640x480?)

hassan malik

New Member
i have an led screen in which a d30 electronic card is placed.
hd player is compatible software for it.
in hd player we make frames of our data and load it into the d30 built in memory
but i want to show my screen on led as we do it through vga port.
is it possible?
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