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RF module

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Hi, I have RF module and HT12E and HT12E in my project. I know that I can send 4-bit data from a microcontroller with the 4 data pins of the encoder connected to the microcontroller. The question I have is this, is it possible to send a byte with HT12E encoder and the same received at the other end of the receiver HT12D and microcontroller.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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I don't see how. You could sent two (4 bits) but you will need some "smarts" to send and to receive.


This may be done by using two pairs if the data is transmitted via infrared (IR) transmission medium (via RF, it is better using 2 different carriers). In this case, each pair should have its own 8-bit address.


Nigel Goodwin

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You don't need the HT12's, simply encode what you need in the microcontroller, and feed the RF modules directly.

HT12's aren't designed to be used with microcontrollers, but as standalone remote controls.
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