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RF Module of choice for PIC to PIC wireless link

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All I want to do is to have a biderectional wireless data link between two PICs. I have been searching the whole net but couldnt nail down which RF module is right for me. So thought of seeking guidance here. :rolleyes:

For the time being I am going to use them for remote controlling my bot. PIC attached to PC will send control signals and PIC on the bot will send back sensor data.

So far I can only imagine that either i have to buy 2 pairs of RX/TX pairs or 2 tranceivers.

1) I am unable to judge if I need an ASK type, GSK type PSK etc etc type. been long since i was taught that :eek:

2) With tranceivers, would I have to code up extra to handle its half-duplex/full-duplex nature.

3) With RX-TX pair, how would i ensure that the right pairs are formed so that the PC is not talking to itself and robot doesnt start talking to itself.:eek:

4) Can you help me choose one from http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?cPath=16_79

5) Any hints on where to find the best price.:confused:

The ones used in Nigels tutorial seem to be a bit costly compared to above devices.

I beleive i am ok as per the legal issues given my purpose and the range supported by the above devices.
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If you want a single chip transceiver, this one is hard to beat;

Some of its features;
* Single +3 To +5V DC supply
* True single chip FSK transceiver 433MHz
* Few external components required
* No set up or configuration needed
* No coding of data required
* 20kbit/s data rate
* 2 channels
* Wide supply range
* Very low power consumption
* Standby mode

All for $26 From Oatley
I wish there were cheap rf transeiver 'modules'. Please post if you have found any less than $20 ea.

The Maxstream XBee zigbee modules are pretty reasonable, it really depends on the distance you need:
How to hook up:
Don't bother programming unless you need to change the defaults for some reason.
Breakout boards:


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The xBee are quite large in comparison to the R module I linked, and require 3.3V to operate (not to mention a breakout board), so chances are you will need two supplies and some sort of buffer for data transfer if your not using a 16LF or 18LF PIC

They also have a fair bit off setting up in comparison too..


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nickelflippr said:
I wish there were cheap rf transeiver 'modules'. Please post if you have found any less than $20 ea.
These are the best tranciever's I've ever seen, and at less than $20 they are a *steal*!!


...each transceiver has 6 internal data pipes... meaning you can set one up as a receiver to 6 others, make mesh networks, etc. etc. etc. Lots of hardware assist in error recovery and re-transmission and an easy to use SPI interface to your favourite micro makes using them a snap.

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