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RF Jamming

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How could i jam a RF signal if ? if anyone has any ideas or schematics could you please help me Thankyou...

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The answer to your first question is known as HEMP. I have no circuit suggestions since it may be me you are planning to jam.

The forum has been hit recently with people wanting to jam RF, microwave (cell phones), and regular telephones. . . wonder why??


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I think with the telecom revolution booming in various parts

of the world. People are getting annoyed of those little gadgets ringing loudly and causing sound pollution!


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Yeah, what is going on with all of these people trying to 'jam' radio signals? I would not waste my time thinking about how to do it or even if I did know, I wouldn't tell anyone. It is illegal, and in most cases immoral, so please find another project!



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RF Jammer Schematics

Here are the requested Schematics you have been searching for. In no way am I imposing that you should actually use these schematics to build and more importantly use one of these jammers. I am only providing schematics at a request. Please be aware that these are very Illegal Indeed and there are rigourous fines if you are held accountable. I'm submiting these for educational purposes only. http://gbppr.dyndns.org/PROJ/mil/celljam/
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