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reverse double-dabble for baseline PIC

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Feeling pleased with myself because I managed to come up with this:
Posting because of all the frustration I had trying to find out how to do it, all I could find was people say "it can be reversed".
I'm sure it can be done more efficiently, I'll leave that as an exercise for those more proficient than me!

CONVERT_R ; thanks gooligum for the jump table trick!
    clrf key ; recycle key as temporary carry
; convert BCD to binary. Do this after displaying what's going to be converted
    movlw 0x20
    movwf counter
    clrf binary
    clrf binary+1
    clrf binary+2
    clrf binary+3
BCDCONVERT ; convert 8 digit packed BCD to 32 bit binary
    movlw 0x04
    movwf convertcount
    movlw BCD+3
    movwf FSR
    bcf STATUS,C
    rrf INDF,f
    rlf key ; key picks up the carry if there is one
    movlw 0x30
    btfsc INDF,7 ; if upper nibble is 8 or greater, take 3 from it
    subwf INDF,f ; subwf destroys the real carry
    movlw 0x03
    btfsc INDF,3 ; if lower nibble is 8 or greater, take 3 from it
    subwf INDF,f
    rrf key ; spit out the temp carrry back to the real one
    decf FSR,f
    decfsz convertcount
    goto ROT_BCD_1
    rrf binary+3, f
    rrf binary+2, f
    rrf binary+1, f
    rrf binary, f
    decfsz counter, f
    retlw 0
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