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Replacing a slider with a pot

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scrawny git

New Member
Apologies for the basic nature of the question:

I have an old 'shoebox' cassette recorder (sony tcm939) which has a slider as a volume control. I assume this functions as a variable resistor and can be simply replaced with a good old pot. So, does a slider have the same sort of pin configuration as a pot - one in, one out, one earth? Can I meter the slider for resistance and then just replace it with a pot of the same value?


Yeah, you should easily be able to replace it, just measure the far ends of the pot (not the wiper) for the total resistance and match it to the slider's. Also you need to find out if the slider is a tapered or linear. Audio pots tend to be tapered, you can tell by mapping out the resistance of the slider's wiper at 1/4 1/2 and 3/4's travel on a graph
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