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Repairing plasma tvs

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So I received several plasma tvs (6 or 7), all of which need fixing. I got them in return for fixing the owners irrigation system.

So basically all of them accept the power input, but have problems elsewhere. For example, one will turn on with a click sound and will start to run with the fans kicking on but shuts down with another click sound. Another tv turns out but I can't interact with the buttons and it won't show any display. Is anyone willing to help me diagnose and repair these tvs with any form of help? Links, posts, video chats and camera chats?

If there's something you want in return, let me know.


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without model information, it's difficult to tell. the first one shutting down could be a bad plasma panel. replacement plasma panels are more expensive than buying a new TV (if you can still find plasma panels). you do have enough (assuming they are all the same model TV) TVs that you can "mix/match" panel, driver boards, main boards, and power supply boards to see if you can get one working.

because of people bringing in plasma TVs to me for repair, i can tell you this... "don't take plasma TVs as barter/payment for anything". i've seen more people bring in a plasma TV saying they got it in a trade, or as payment for some work done, that that's usually the first question i ask now "what did you trade for it?"
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Im an irrigation technician. A storage unit officer traded me these along with other items for tracking a valve, which if I could repair the yvs or not, is an awesome trade due to me having a $1600 wire tracker available. Regardless I'm an electronic enthusiast and wouldn't mind desoldering the components if need be but I'd rather donate some items to the church and friends. I do have all model numbers and specifications of every tv if you're able to help
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Like I said, I'm no idiot, I have a $70 multimeter and can follow leads if someone can direct me. We could use Facebook video call or Google duo. In return, well I have tvs, amplifiers, and so much more....lol I'll just send it in the mail but to send a tv I'd like to share the shipping price

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