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Regulate 10 volts?

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I am using what we call a String POT. Simply put its a Potentiometer Attached to a spring and a String so the when the string is pulled the resistance on the pot is changed.

I will be getting 12 or 24 volts from a truck and need to regulate it to 10v. My question is...Is there anything else i need in my circuit other than a Regulator IC? Will i need to limit current with a resistor or anything like that. How noisy will the output of the regulator be?


Output will be fairly smooth from the regulator, depending on what you attatch to it. You should use caps on the input and output though to help smooth it, handle spikes, etc, and consider diodes for protection. How much current do you need? You may need to heat sink it, or use a switching regualtor.

Using a linear regulator from a 24v source down to 10v is a LOT of wasted energy. 12 to 10 isn't bad, so long as the dropout is less than 2 volts.
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