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Refrigerator timer 2013-09-29


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magvitron submitted a new article:

Refrigerator Timer - A timer for turning ON/OFF the refridgerator at peak load hours (6pm to 10 pm) using 8051

As you know the refrigerators are notorious for its energy consumption. At the peak load hours that is form 6pm to 10 pm, there will be a drop in voltage and high current drawing equipments will draw more current at that time.
Here I present a crude 8051 based circuit for overcoming that. Its very low cost and durable (I tested it my self).
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There shouldn't be any serious lose of food. However, the refrigerator will remove the heat gained during that period? I'm not sure someone would need to calculate the run time to reach Thermostat Temp before shut off. What I mean is it takes less work to keep something cool than to cool it back down. I'm not sure the deferential cost, it would be a heat gained and power loss calculation or something.

I like the project, good thinking.


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