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Receiver circuit for Senscomp electrostatic transducer

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Anyone used an electrostatic transducer from Senscomp before? I am stuck with getting it to work as a receiver. I am used the Senscomp 600 series transducer. Its works find with the Senscomp 6500 ranging module but I wanted to get it to work without the ranging module. Supposingly, I just need to apply a 200V bias to the transducer (using a DC-DC converter, HITEK GMA 12-200PE) and put RC circuit between the transducer's output and the oscilloscope (to filter off the DC bias for measuring on the oscilloscope).

I don't seem to be getting anything. Anyone has any idea what has gone wrong?


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"I don't seem to be getting anything" isn't nearly enough information. Do you have the +200V DC bias? Have you measured it? What level are you reading the input from the transducer? It only puts out a few millivolts of signal, basically you have to run the output through a capacitor, resistor and a clip-limiter (diodes to Vcc and ground) so that you don't blow out your opamp, then into an opamp with some gain (try 100x) before you would have much of a signal to look at on a scope.
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