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Re-join a 1x1 mm square figure rubber band


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Hi folks.

Have an 10 year old DVD rewritable drive (DH-16ABS12B) where the rubber band - that eject/retract the tray - is splitted. The rubber band has a cross section of 1x1mm (square).

I hope to be able to repair it by joining the ends together, and here is the plan:
  1. Carefully make a split alongside that goes no further than around half way (~0,5mm). Alongside split may measure about about 10-20mm from the cut point, in both directions.
  2. Put a string of some material into the split. This must be a durable material.
  3. Put some glue in the split.
  4. press the two sides of the rubber band that is on sides of the split while the glue get dry.

I expect the following problems:
  • It will be very difficult to make the split go along the center of one side of the rubber band, while it don't get too deep (if the band split completely it's probably defect ?)
  • Find a string that is suitable (unsure if a regular spool of thread for sewing is good enough)
  • Find a suitable type of glue that can hold up against movement

My questions on this:
  • Suggestion on an alternative plan (not buying) that involves mostly house hold products.
  • Any ideas on how to best overcome the problems above - especially the first one?


Nigel Goodwin

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Buy a new belt! - if it broke then the rubber has gone brittle - so it will just break again, even assuming you actually manage to 'repair' it.

You can buy various sizes of belts off Ebay and various places - I know at one time you could get a bag full of different sizes for VERY little money.


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For a temporary fix you could probably get away with using an ordinary rubber band of a suitable size.


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Buy a new belt.


I remember buying two 3 foot diameter O-rings.

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