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Radio transmitter/receiver

Nigel Goodwin

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brodin said:
This is a cheep transmitter and reciever:

These comes from: http://www.kjell.com

Where can i buy similar products, but with a stronger output. I want to be able to send data up to 1-2 km. These ones only manages 200 meters in open field.
These low power ones are licence free, for higher power ones you will need a licence - this is likely to be difficult and expensive to obtain - if you can obtain one at all. I don't know what country you are from, but in the UK using an unlicenced transmitter is a serious offence, with suitably serious maximum punishments - including unlimited fines and jail terms.


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Is there a english version of this webpage? Does this device exist in US and under which spec?



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I don't think there is a english verion of the site, but i think most of the data of the transmitter is understandable for non Swedes to right?

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