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R/C Airplane - HELP PLEASE

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white tiger

New Member

Can someone help me?
I need to do an electronic project...
my project is to make a R/C airplane...
anyone know where I can found schematics\Circuits OR a Diagrams of the Remote Control ??? (It will be better if I find them both :lol: )

Please help me...



New Member
All I can tell you is to forget it and buy one of the shelf. Transmiters must be very reliable since from them depends the safety of your airplane and everything near it :shock: . A 4 channel transmiter/receiver is not as easy to build so chances are that a schematic for all that work will not be freely available :cry:

If you are trying a "small" electric airplane you might be able to go by using a old R/C car and its transmitter and reciever. One uses to control the motors and the other one to control the turning. No elevator, nor rudder :roll: 2 motors should achieve control by making one go faster than the other one to turn.

So you are better off with one transmiter used for that exactly R/C airplanes....

white tiger

New Member
I cant forgot it...
This is my project for the next 2 years !!!
I need to do it to get my engineer diploma.

I dont care to pay mony for it but I need it ASAP.



New Member
Kits and plans abound as does a wealth of information about aerodynamics.
The rubric "electronic circuit" will give links to over a dozen circuit archives

The Holtek website has a good selection of products and application notes with circuit diagrams

Is your project just to make a simple R/C model or do you intend something a bit more special, either in its design or payload?

http://robots.net/article/654.html 8)


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Have you considered going to the local library and looking up some of the old radio-control model books? They have all that you need... ie. simple circuits which you will need to modify the power output of the transmitter and possibly change the frequency as desired.
libraries which don't update or discard many books would be best to search first.

Additionally you could try intergrating a PIC Chip in with a Wireless Access Point. This would enable you much greater feedback and telemetary including optional GPS if added in.
Control could be performed by a laptop with a USB joystick.
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