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Question about regulations.

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I started getting into this subject, and wanted to know,
what 'Safety' and 'Communication' certificates should an electronic product pass compliance with?

For safety, I learned that it should carry an CE mark when placed in the EU market, and an UL mark when placed in the american market, even though that unlike the CE mark, UL is not mandatory by law.

For communication, I only heard about carrying an FCC mark for a product with radio communication capability.

My questions are:

1. Carrying an FCC mark is also mandatory when placed in the American market only? (For safety's sake).

2. Is FCC is a wideworld regulation? Is it mandatory by law?

3. Are there any more marks that an electronic product with radio communication capability must carry?

Thank you very much guys.
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Dean Huster

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Unless you're intending on making thousands of this product for sale at a very nice margin, you may be dismayed at the cost of obtaining CE, UL or CSA approval. To do it just for a one-off for yourself is pure foolishness.



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I'm aware of the large costs of passing compliance with international regulations, and i'm willing to do that.
I'd be glad to receive answers to the questions I posted please :)

I'm from France, but i dont think that it matters since i'm interested in both European and american markets.
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I didn't realise you were French, I always thought you were from the US. Don't be insulted, take this as a complement on your good English.

Please put that in your location.
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