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question about forum use

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Hi guys, it's beet a while but I am back into the hobby. I am moving soon and have lots of electronics stuff to get rid of. I wanted to know if it was OK to post a list with a link to get it from me via Amazon?



I don't see why not.


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Forum use seemed like a good place to ask this ?

I can't seem to get a circuit in mind. I have some ideas of using a 555 type circuit and wanted to get some ideas before I start my thread and my diagram.

****-chat is where other's seem to ask questions about their circuits but it just seemed that it's there for general stuff not electronics. General Electronics chat is where I think I should ask. but again I don't want to start my thread yet.

****-chat ? Here is what not allowed todo in this forum:

- No Spamming
- No Abusing Members
- No Insulting Members
- No Project Request
- No Part Requests
- No Adult Content.

General Electronics Chat ? and then start another thread after that ? Which I don't want to do because I haven't even formulated that yet.



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I look in their all the time but it never occurred to me. I'm not much of a thread starter.:eek:


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