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Question about Carson Power Pack on popup camper

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Crystal O'Leary

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I have a 1987 Jayco Popup Camper with a Carson Power Pack CP-20FKCR-1 that converts 110 ac to dc to run various components. I can run everything if plugged into an ac outlet. When unplugged only some of the components work using the 12 volt battery (lights and toilet flush) but water pump and refrigerator fan do not work. All fuses have been checked and are good and battery is new and fully charged. Is it possible for the power pack to be bad with half of it working?

I think I found the problem with my limited multimeter skills I found one wire (black and white) connected to the light blue wire directly coming from the back of the 15 amp fuse that didn't seem to be reading properly. There is another almost identical black/white wire connected to a darker blue wire coming from the back of the other 15 amp fuse that read correctly. I piggybacked the "defective" hot wire (coming from the component not the battery) to the hot wire testing good and everything now works. I know I can't overload the circuit by running more than one component, but I still don't know if half of my converter is bad (I did swap the fuses to make sure each fuse is good), but probably I need to trace that wire back to the battery and see if I see anything or just replace it.
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